Birra Matta

A traditional family run brewery has been operating in the heart of Switzerland for over a hundred years.  It is here that Bisbino has found the right partner to continue to brew Matta beer according to its wishes. The "Brauerei Rosengarten" brewery in Einsiedeln, which specializes in the production of low-fermenting beers and has been an expert in organic products for more than twenty years, has been the ideal choice for Bisbino company.

The result of this collaboration is Matta: an unfiltered organic blonde with moderate alcohol content. The original recipe, based on organic malt and hops, gives to the beer clean and soft, sweet and slightly fruity notes. The low fermentation and subsequent cold maturation (in "lager bier" style) highlights the cleanliness and finesse of the taste, making it perfect for any occasion. The genuine simplicity of Birra Matta still surprises: it’s even lighter!


The ingredients shown in these pages are actually representations of the plants, spices and flowers that we use in the production of our products:

Barley malt